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Hello. Welcome to Heightened Hemp. Thank you for stopping by. 

My name is Trish, and I am the founder of Heightened Hemp. I have been working in the field of holistic health, nutrition and fitness for over 20 years. My passion for holistic health started when I was 9 years old. That’s when my dad was diagnosed with Leukemia. Growing up- I watched my father battle cancer, go through a Bone Marrow Transplant, Radiation Treatment, and so much more. Doctors never thought he would live as long as he did, but he did. He used Cannabis along with other holistic herbs to help manage his pain, symptoms and prolong his life. Although, I never witnessed him smoke Cannabis - we all knew growing up what the crab shaped astray tucked away in his draw was used for. Many rubbing alcohol bottles were turned green in color, because it was filled with what I thought at the time was “herbs”.  Because my family was so passionate about helping my dad defy the odds, I was introduced to everything from Royal Jelly to Chinese herbs, and so much more at a very young age. Our home was filled with all things associated with mother earth and health. My passion for better health developed further in my early 20’s through fitness and weight lifting. Years later, I took my passion to the extreme by competing in my first figure bodybuilding competition. This lead to me pursuing my M.S. in Nutrition and writing customized meal plans for 4 years. Researching ways to prolong my own health and the health of my family lead me discovering CBD. I am a mother, daughter, sister, and teacher among much more. Although, I am not a smoker of Cannabis, I am most certainly an advocate and ambassador of being proactive about your personal health instead of reactive.

Heightened Hemp is committed to partnering with Organic Farms across the United States that provide the highest quality Organic Hemp Extract. We source with ethically responsible local Organic farms in United States. No middle man, and our CBD comes directly from the farm and not a broker. Our team is passionate about setting a high standard in Cannabis education and transparency regarding our Hemp products.

Our product line will continue to grow extensively over the next few months with greater Full Spectrum CBD tinctures, and products specifically created with better health and skin care in mind.

We desire to promote a healthy mind and body while motivating the masses to live a healthier lifestyle.

For more information, drop us a line at hello@heightenedhemp.com We look forward to hearing from you!